David Sutton

International Solidarity & Fair Trade

From Anti-Apartheid in the 1960s, through support for Nicaragua in the 1980s to work on Fairtrade in the 2010s, this has been one of the busiest areas of all.

For the present, what is reproduced here is some early work for Nicaragua and the Sandinistas:

David C. Sutton: ‘Solidarity with Nicaragua, 1988-1989’. WEBnews [newsletter of World Education Berkshire] (Winter 1988-89), p. 12.

Solidaridad, issue 1

Solidaridad, issue 12

Solidaridad, issue 19

And some fairtrade work from 2010:

Reading Fairtrade Directory 2010 / edited by David C. Sutton. Reading: Reading Fairtrade Steering Group, 2010.